Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Snapchat doing this?

Snapchat has publicly committed to becoming a more fair, inclusive, and anti-racist company. In our Diversity Annual Report, we lay out our comprehensive strategy and goals to drive the change needed to live up to that promise within our company, our products, and our larger ecosystem of partners and vendors

2. Who can apply?

  • Ages 18+

  • From an underrepresented group

  • Based in the US

  • Creating positive content that aligns with Snapchat's values (empathy, kindness, creativity)

3. Can I apply if i'm not in the US?

The 523 program is currently only available to creators in the United States

4. How many participants will be selected for the program?

15 applicants will be selected

5. When will I know if I’ve been selected? 

If selected, we will reach out to you in July 2024

6. How long will the program run for?

523 is a 12-month program

7. If selected, what kind of content will I be making?

Over the course of the 12 month program, we will teach you how to create content for Snapchat's unique audience in Stories and Spotlight

8. Can I only use content produced during the 523 program?

The goal of the program is to create great content specifically for the Snapchat audience – whether that’s original to Snapchat or content from your owned-and-operated properties and optimized for our platform

9.  Who can I contact if we have questions?

For general program inquiries, please contact us at

10. What if I want to withdraw my application? 

If you need to withdraw your application to the 523 program for any reason, please contact us at

1 Underrepresented groups are individuals who identify as any of the following: Black (includes African American, a person of African descent), Hispanic/Latino/Latinx (identify as Hispanic or Latino with ties in Latin America, and can be of any race), Asian, Indigenous (Aboriginal Australian, Alaska Native, First Nations, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander), Middle Eastern / North African / Arab, non-binary, LGBTQ+, Veteran, Disability, Women.