Show the world your creative side

You’ve already created great content. You just need the space, access, and support to help it — and your business — flourish. That’s where our 523 program comes in.

We’ll double down on our efforts to make sure that everyone feels that they belong on our platform… creating diverse, accurate content that reflects a rich variety of views across our global community.

Funding the next generation

We want to find and help small, minority-owned* companies build their business, partnering with them as they flex their creativity to create shows for Discover.

Your audience awaits

Discover, our curated content platform, is the fastest way for Snapchatters to be informed, entertained, and learn about the world around them.


Add your company to the curated group of partners that offer Snapchatters content across a range of topics that reflect their interests.


Flex your creativity as you create content that’s made for Snapchat’s mobile-first audience.


Discover is a monetizable environment that supports our partners as they build their business.

Supporting your success

We’re not doing this alone. Snapchat is partnering with some dedicated sponsors who are as excited about the 523 program — and your success — as we are.

Embrace the opportunity

If you’re as excited about the 523 program as we are, we’d love for you to be a part of it.

1Minority-owned businesses are those that are 51% owned and operated by individuals who identify as any of the following: Black (includes African American, a person of African descent), Hispanic/Latino/Latinx (identify as Hispanic or Latino with ties in Latin America, and can be of any race), Asian, Indigenous (Aboriginal Australian, Alaska Native, First Nations, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander), Middle Eastern / North African / Arab, non-binary, LGBTQ+, Veteran, Disability, Women.