Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Snapchat doing this?
Snapchat has publicly committed to becoming a more fair, inclusive, and anti-racist company. In our Diversity Annual Report, we lay out our comprehensive strategy and goals to drive the change needed to live up to that promise within our company, our products, and our larger ecosystem of partners and vendors.

2. What is the difference between 523 for Content Companies and 523 for Black Creators?

There are a few key differences:
  • 523 for Content Companies aims to support and elevate ownership of content companies by people from underrepresented groups on Snapchat Discover by providing funding, resources, 1:1 mentoring, and marketing exposure.
  • 523 for Black Creators is for Black creators with great content at the very beginning of their professional creator journey. The goal is to provide them with industry knowledge, resources, mentorship, and opportunities to jumpstart their careers.

3. Who can apply?
  • 523 for Content Companies
    • Ownership by people from underrepresented groups¹: At least 51% of your company is owned by people from one or more underrepresented groups.
    • Revenue/valuation: Your company’s gross revenue in 2022 or in the last six months must be less than $10M.
    • Employee size: You’ll need to have less than 30 full-time employees.
  • 523 for Black Creators  
    • Age 18+ 
    • Self-identify as Black 
    • Emerging creator 
      • Someone at the beginning of their content journey who is creating, iterating, and improving over time with little outside guidance.
    • Seeking to become a professional creator 
    • History of abiding by community guidelines (on Snapchat) 
    • Creates positive content that aligns with Snapchat’s values (empathy, kindness, creativity)

4. Can I apply if I’m not in the US?
  • 523 for Content Companies
    • Currently limited to content companies in the US, UK and Canada.
  • 523 for Black Creators
    • Currently limited to creators in the US only. 

5. How many participants will be selected for the program?
  • 523 for Content Companies, 10-15 applicants selected.
  • 523 for Black Creators, 25 applicants selected.

6. When will I know if I’ve been selected? 
  • 523 for Content Companies
    • If selected, we will reach out to you in December 2022.
  • 523 for Black Creators  
    • We currently are not accepting applications for the Black Creator Accelerator.

7. How long will the program run for?
  • 523 for Content Companies is a 12-month program.
  • 523 for Black Creators is a 12-month program.

8. If selected, where will my content be shown?
  • 523 for Content Companies
    • Selected applicants will create syndicated Shows that’ll live on Discover — our curated content platform that’s the fastest way for Snapchatters to be informed, entertained, and learn about the world around them. Syndicated Shows are entertaining, 3-5 minute episodic videos that are released at a regular daily or weekly cadence. They’re fast paced, made for mobile, and optimized for Snapchat. Learn more here.
  • 523 for Black Creators  
    • Selected applicants will receive hands-on training and educational workshops from industry experts that work on a variety of products at Snapchat — from Discover, to Stories, to Spotlight, and Maps. Creators will learn how to use these different offerings to create great content, surface their profiles, grow their audiences, and more.

9. Can I only use content produced during the 523 program?
No! You can recycle your content that already exists on other platforms or your owned-and-operated properties — in addition to the great content you’ll be producing during your time with the 523 program.

10.  Who can I contact if we have questions?
For general program inquiries, please contact us at

11. What if I want to withdraw my application? 
If you need to withdraw your application to the 523 program for any reason, please contact us at
1 Underrepresented groups are those that are 51% owned and operated by individuals who identify as any of the following: Black (includes African American, a person of African descent), Hispanic/Latino/Latinx (identify as Hispanic or Latino with ties in Latin America, and can be of any race), Asian, Indigenous (Aboriginal Australian, Alaska Native, First Nations, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander), Middle Eastern / North African / Arab, non-binary, LGBTQ+, Veteran, Disability, Women.